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5 things Cuil has to do to (stand a chance of winning) win the battle against the Google are: Give out a simple script to include their search on your website or blog. The best way to make people use your search daily is to allow them to place it where they want (witch would […] a new search engine is a buzz word of the day. I saw hundreds of posts on this topic in the blogosphere today. The cuil (pronounced “cool”) is developed by ex-google team and they probably never expected to become this big deal as they have in a single day. Their servers can’t take all […]

Google stole Seth Godin’s idea? I read this post that says that Google’s newly launched service Knol is just a copy of one of alexa top 500 vebsite – Squidoo. Wanna make cool iPod like video? I found this post featuring a youtube video tutorial how to do it. The tutorial is really grate and […]

The difference between promoting an English website and some less spoken language website is huge. Let’s call thees other websites regional sites. It is much easier to promote an non English website. Let’s take Croatian language for example. The market is so undeveloped that with good on-site optimization and virtually no backlinks towards the article […]