About Toni Anicic

Toni Anicic

Toni Anicic

So this would be me. I’m young and enthusiastic freelancer from Croatia, a small country in the middle of the Europe.

I create websites for small business owners using tableless (x)HTML and CSS. I’m an expert in Corel DRAW and that’s the software I use to create graphics for the web.

I’m also an authority blogger in Croatia, blogging about online marketing, web 2.0, news in the industry, SEO and similar topics. You can see my Croatian blog here (if you can speak Croatian, you might find it quiet interesting).

At the moment I’m busy developing an new web 2.0 service for Croatian market with two of my colleges. We plan to release a beta in lass then two months.

I have a few projects behind me but they were targeted for Croatian market so you probably never heard for them.

One Response to “About Toni Anicic”

  1. HI there,

    I just read your post on Lolly’s blog (blogtillyoudrop) and was wondering if I coudl join the next year’s meeting too. I am a Polish blogger living in the UK and I am just in the process of arranging a similar meet-up for Polish bloggers here. I would love to share all the idea with you guys!

    Check my Polish site too, I guess you will understand – http://www.gabk.blox.pl

    Have a lovely day!:)


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