Idea worth spreading


ideas worth spreading was the tag line of the TED conference, a conference that gathers one thousand of worlds greatest living minds, grate entrepreneurs and experts in their fields (such as Seth Godin, Larry Page, Sergey Brin… etc.). Enough of digression šŸ™‚

This is an idea worth spreading: Blogorola

Blogorola is a cool Slovenian start-up (Slovenia is a neighbor country of Croatia). Blogorola is application that gathers the feeds from most of the blogs in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and BiH. It allows posts to be ranked via voting system and also posts can be commented on their service.

It is a win-win situation where users get backlinks and visitors for free while the service gets free content from their blogs.

The revolutionary thing about blogorola is that the service prints its own newspapers and all of their newspaper’s content is from the blogs. So bloggers get in newspapers for free right? No, bloggers also get PAID if their posts make it to the newspapers.

Services such as this one made blogging very popular in our part of Europe. How popular blogging really is in Croatia:

There is 4 500 000 people living in Croatia and there are:

552.630 blogs on
there are nearly as much on
and there is a little lass on

There is also an unknown number of self-hosted weblogs.

So we’ve got a hell of a big blogosphere.


One Response to “Idea worth spreading”

  1. This is such a cool idea – I wished we had something similar over here but there are thousands of bloggers who blog in English and I am sure we would only see American bloggers featured…. take a look at the Advertising Age list – all mostly American! Would be so cool if you could make it in the list – you would probably be the first Croatian blogger to make it!

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