Are you scribing fire?

31Jul08 you ever tried Scribefire? This is not a paid review, (xD) this product actually works so grate that I feel an obligation to promote it!

Scribefire is an Firefox plugin that allows bloggers to post to their blogs directly from their browser. How does it work… After you install the Scribefire plugin, while you are surfing the internet at any time you can hit the F8 button, it brings up half a screen of your blog editor. You can write in to it and publish your post directly to your blog. Scribefire has support for multiple blogs so you can choose on witch one you want your post to be published. You can also put it in appropriate category, ad any cool html stuff you would expect a blog editor to have (pictures, links, youtube embeds, colours, font sizes, quotes etc.)

Another very cool thing about using Scribefire is ability to drag & drop pictures in to your post from the web! Remember you are writing your post with blog editor covering bottom half of your screen, well you can continue browsing on the top half and drag and drop anything you want directly in to your blog posts.

Another very very cool thing about Scribefire is their network called Scribefire QuickAds beta. It is in fact a combination of many other world known contextual advertising networks. What this network do is serve ads from other networks such as Google’s AdSense, Shopping Ads, some graphic ads… most of the worlds known contextual advertising networks. The software calculates witch ad network will pay you the most per click in the context of your website and then serves thees ads. You get one check (or PayPal payment) from Scribefire instead having to deal with every network out there.

P.S. This post is written in Scribefire 🙂


4 Responses to “Are you scribing fire?”

  1. If you like Scribefire you should check out the Web Browser Flock – amazing and with the same ability to post to blogs directly from your browser (and a whole lot more!!) 🙂

  2. I think I’m not ready to give up on firefox, it’s like trying to stop smoking 🙂

  3. 3 Lolly

    Flock is cool but unfortunately not compatible with Vista… I am going to try scribefire – do you know if it’s compatible with Safari for PC (I use Firefox at work but Safari for PC at home…)

  4. I believe it’s a firefox only plugin 😦

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