5 Things Cuil has to do to win the battle


5 things Cuil has to do to (stand a chance of winning) win the battle against the Google are:

  1. Give out a simple script to include their search on your website or blog. The best way to make people use your search daily is to allow them to place it where they want (witch would be their own blogs, websites, portals or something). Most of the search engines including Google have this option so you don’t wanna miss out on it. This also played a big role in Google’s rode to success 😉
  2. Improve their relevancy of search results with some terms. Don’t get me wrong, some of the terms are sent out on first page more relevant then Google’s however there are some terms witch results are  sorted in a completely wrong way. Some of the TLD domains do not show on first page even when searched by name witch is kind of stupid.
  3. Improve results for international visitors. Non English language websites got Google lots of points in scoring it’s place in the market today. Having a good localized search is important for success of Cuil.
  4. Create an image search. New revolution in image search would bring many users to Cuil. They could make advanced options in image search that are useful such as searching only CC images or searching royalty free photos or some other cool classifications of images.
  5. Set as homepage script on front page. This is a must have for a website such as search engine witch is aiming to be the homepage to users of the internet. You can’t make people use you if they have to remember to type you in the browser every time they wanna search the web. You have to make them set you as their homepage.

2 Responses to “5 Things Cuil has to do to win the battle”

  1. 1 lolly

    Also translate their website in other languages e.g. cuil.co.uk, cuil.it, cuil.fr etc 😉

  1. 1 I tested Cuil « Bad idea, indeed

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