Lets give Cuil.com a chance!


Cuil.com a new search engine is a buzz word of the day. I saw hundreds of posts on this topic in the blogosphere today.

The cuil (pronounced “cool”) is developed by ex-google team and they probably never expected to become this big deal as they have in a single day. Their servers can’t take all the visitors the hype brought to them so right now when you try to visit the engine it says:

We’ll be back soon…

Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more capacity.

Thanks for your patience.

I really like the idea of someone endangering Google’s monopoly on search industry and I’d love to give Cuil a fighting chance. You can do it too. Spread the word that there’s a new player in town of search engines and it is cool (Cuil). Why would you buzz it out for free? Do you want the Google to take over the internet one day? Thees are the first guys in the past few years that even stand a fighting chance.


5 Responses to “Lets give Cuil.com a chance!”

  1. 1 Lolly

    Hi Toni, thanks for the comment on my blog.

    Even though think their name will create a lot of confusion, I quite like the fact they are trying to challenge Google. It’ll be interesting to see how they are perceived in a few months! I like your blog… will add you to Bloglines

  2. 2 PFB

    I gotta agree with you. I think there enough people who would like to see Google stumble big time. It’s going to be interesting to see if cuil gains the momentum necessary to become a player. I did a couple quick searches earlier and liked the different layout, so that might be a factor for people looking for a new search exerpience.

  3. 3 Michael Cheung

    We all want to see Google fall. The problem is, seeing that it works so well, it’s difficult to see how anyone can pass it in the near future.

  4. @ Lolly: Thank you, it means a lot to me 🙂

    @ PFB: I can only hope that all the people that want to see Google fail don’t use Google -.-

    @ Michael Cheung: Google is nothing without webmasters, if we would all decide to promote one other search engine to the general internet users, Google would probably be gone in the matter of months.

  5. 5 Philippe

    I also dislike the domination of google. I firmly believe that search will change a lot in the coming years and that the current google model (text queries and links to pages) will not last forever. Semantic web (or something approaching) should emerge in the next few years.

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