Why this blog?


I won’t lie to you, this is not my first blog, however it is my very first blog in English language. Why did I create it? There are several reasons… One of them is my need to practice my written English as English is in fact my third language. This seams like a good point in a post where I could say something about myself. I’m a webmaster from Croatia, it’s a small country in the middle of Europe. I’m also an authority blogger in Croatia blogging about web start-ups, web 2.0, new stuff online, online marketing and more.

In the future I plan to post some cool posts about online marketing so stay tuned if you want some wisdom for free 🙂


2 Responses to “Why this blog?”

  1. Hello Toni,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on your new blog. It’s impressive to be able to write in three languages; most people struggle with just the one!

    To your success Toni,

    Jim Connolly

  2. Thank you Jim 🙂

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