Promoting regional websites


The difference between promoting an English website and some less spoken language website is huge. Let’s call thees other websites regional sites. It is much easier to promote an non English website. Let’s take Croatian language for example. The market is so undeveloped that with good on-site optimization and virtually no backlinks towards the article you can take the google-s first positions for even most targeted keywords. I have a number one spot for word “pornografija” witch means “pornography” in Croatian on an technology blog with no backlinks toward that article.

When and why should you try going in to regional markets?

  1. You should do it when your budget is tight. It is easy to get number one spots in google on regional markets (compared to English websites) so you don’t need to spend lots of money.
  2. You should do it when you’ve got something they don’t. You will often find some good and useful services online in English language. Some of thees don’t exist in most of the regional markets. You can try and create clones in other languages. Most of thees cool new web 2.0 services are community and UGC based so you don’t even have to speak targeted language once you setup the startup in it.
  3. You should always try to expand your business on other countries and markets in their native language. Even if you are a small startup. All the big guys do it (Coca cola, Google etc.). If you are a small company it will probably be vary hard to get number one listings in google for your targeted keywords. If you try regional markets, they wont give you as many visitors as number one position on would but they would give you SOME visitors and you might earn SOME money while being listed on 500th page of won’t give you any.

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