ideas worth spreading was the tag line of the TED conference, a conference that gathers one thousand of worlds greatest living minds, grate entrepreneurs and experts in their fields (such as Seth Godin, Larry Page, Sergey Brin… etc.). Enough of digression πŸ™‚

This is an idea worth spreading: Blogorola

Blogorola is a cool Slovenian start-up (Slovenia is a neighbor country of Croatia). Blogorola is application that gathers the feeds from most of the blogs in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and BiH. It allows posts to be ranked via voting system and also posts can be commented on their service.

It is a win-win situation where users get backlinks and visitors for free while the service gets free content from their blogs.

The revolutionary thing about blogorola is that the service prints its own newspapers and all of their newspaper’s content is from the blogs. So bloggers get in newspapers for free right? No, bloggers also get PAID if their posts make it to the newspapers.

Services such as this one made blogging very popular in our part of Europe. How popular blogging really is in Croatia:

There is 4 500 000 people living in Croatia and there are:

552.630 blogs on
there are nearly as much on
and there is a little lass on

There is also an unknown number of self-hosted weblogs.

So we’ve got a hell of a big blogosphere. you ever tried Scribefire? This is not a paid review, (xD) this product actually works so grate that I feel an obligation to promote it!

Scribefire is an Firefox plugin that allows bloggers to post to their blogs directly from their browser. How does it work… After you install the Scribefire plugin, while you are surfing the internet at any time you can hit the F8 button, it brings up half a screen of your blog editor. You can write in to it and publish your post directly to your blog. Scribefire has support for multiple blogs so you can choose on witch one you want your post to be published. You can also put it in appropriate category, ad any cool html stuff you would expect a blog editor to have (pictures, links, youtube embeds, colours, font sizes, quotes etc.)

Another very cool thing about using Scribefire is ability to drag & drop pictures in to your post from the web! Remember you are writing your post with blog editor covering bottom half of your screen, well you can continue browsing on the top half and drag and drop anything you want directly in to your blog posts.

Another very very cool thing about Scribefire is their network called Scribefire QuickAds beta. It is in fact a combination of many other world known contextual advertising networks. What this network do is serve ads from other networks such as Google’s AdSense, Shopping Ads, some graphic ads… most of the worlds known contextual advertising networks. The software calculates witch ad network will pay you the most per click in the context of your website and then serves thees ads. You get one check (or PayPal payment) from Scribefire instead having to deal with every network out there.

P.S. This post is written in Scribefire πŸ™‚

5 things Cuil has to do to (stand a chance of winning) win the battle against the Google are:

  1. Give out a simple script to include their search on your website or blog. The best way to make people use your search daily is to allow them to place it where they want (witch would be their own blogs, websites, portals or something). Most of the search engines including Google have this option so you don’t wanna miss out on it. This also played a big role in Google’s rode to success πŸ˜‰
  2. Improve their relevancy of search results with some terms. Don’t get me wrong, some of the terms are sent out on first page more relevant then Google’s however there are some terms witch results areΒ  sorted in a completely wrong way. Some of the TLD domains do not show on first page even when searched by name witch is kind of stupid.
  3. Improve results for international visitors. Non English language websites got Google lots of points in scoring it’s place in the market today. Having a good localized search is important for success of Cuil.
  4. Create an image search. New revolution in image search would bring many users to Cuil. They could make advanced options in image search that are useful such as searching only CC images or searching royalty free photos or some other cool classifications of images.
  5. Set as homepage script on front page. This is a must have for a website such as search engine witch is aiming to be the homepage to users of the internet. You can’t make people use you if they have to remember to type you in the browser every time they wanna search the web. You have to make them set you as their homepage. a new search engine is a buzz word of the day. I saw hundreds of posts on this topic in the blogosphere today.

The cuil (pronounced “cool”) is developed by ex-google team and they probably never expected to become this big deal as they have in a single day. Their servers can’t take all the visitors the hype brought to them so right now when you try to visit the engine it says:

We’ll be back soon…

Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more capacity.

Thanks for your patience.

I really like the idea of someone endangering Google’s monopoly on search industry and I’d love to give Cuil a fighting chance. You can do it too. Spread the word that there’s a new player in town of search engines and it is cool (Cuil). Why would you buzz it out for free? Do you want the Google to take over the internet one day? Thees are the first guys in the past few years that even stand a fighting chance.

Google stole Seth Godin’s idea? I read this post that says that Google’s newly launched service Knol is just a copy of one of alexa top 500 vebsite – Squidoo.

Wanna make cool iPod like video? I found this post featuring a youtube video tutorial how to do it. The tutorial is really grate and it’s pretty simple.

Google is not gonna buy digg. I personally believe it’s better this way. They were talking about something like 200 million dollars. Every time I see Google buys some cool website or create it’s own service I can’t stop thinking if one day internet will become Google. You can read about it here and on some other places but that’s the one I’m featuring πŸ™‚

The difference between promoting an English website and some less spoken language website is huge. Let’s call thees other websites regional sites. It is much easier to promote an non English website. Let’s take Croatian language for example. The market is so undeveloped that with good on-site optimization and virtually no backlinks towards the article you can take the google-s first positions for even most targeted keywords. I have a number one spot for word “pornografija” witch means “pornography” in Croatian on an technology blog with no backlinks toward that article.

When and why should you try going in to regional markets?

  1. You should do it when your budget is tight. It is easy to get number one spots in google on regional markets (compared to English websites) so you don’t need to spend lots of money.
  2. You should do it when you’ve got something they don’t. You will often find some good and useful services online in English language. Some of thees don’t exist in most of the regional markets. You can try and create clones in other languages. Most of thees cool new web 2.0 services are community and UGC based so you don’t even have to speak targeted language once you setup the startup in it.
  3. You should always try to expand your business on other countries and markets in their native language. Even if you are a small startup. All the big guys do it (Coca cola, Google etc.). If you are a small company it will probably be vary hard to get number one listings in google for your targeted keywords. If you try regional markets, they wont give you as many visitors as number one position on would but they would give you SOME visitors and you might earn SOME money while being listed on 500th page of won’t give you any.

Why this blog?


I won’t lie to you, this is not my first blog, however it is my very first blog in English language. Why did I create it? There are several reasons… One of them is my need to practice my written English as English is in fact my third language. This seams like a good point in a post where I could say something about myself. I’m a webmaster from Croatia, it’s a small country in the middle of Europe. I’m also an authority blogger in Croatia blogging about web start-ups, web 2.0, new stuff online, online marketing and more.

In the future I plan to post some cool posts about online marketing so stay tuned if you want some wisdom for free πŸ™‚